Excerpts from Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach’s New Book, “How to Live Your Life with Emotional Intelligence”

HOW JEN USES EQ Jen is a manager for a department store “If you don’t learn how to get along with the Accounting Department,” Bob the Boss yelled, “I’m going to fire you. I’m tired of them coming to me…” Jen got up and closed her office door. Mercy was getting raked over the coals[…]

Excellence Group Introduces New All Inclusive Luxury Brand To Cancun Hotel

The Excellence Group is launching a new brand that will turn some of its properties in the Caribbean into luxury boutique hotels. The first property to be transformed under the new Excellence Resorts and Beloved Hotels brand is the La Amada Hotel, in Playa Mujeres, now re-named as Beloved Playa Mujeres, where families, couples and[…]

The Best Way To Clean A Krups Electric Kettle With Vinegar

Electric kettles boil water in a short while time, causing them to noticeably faster as well as efficient than traditional stove-top tea kettles. As a kettle can be used repeatedly and regardless whether they’re electric or traditional, lime scale deposits out of the boiled-off water accumulate within the. Left unattended, lime green can eventually clog[…]